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Battle Ropes for Sale

Intent Sports is providing the best battle ropes for sale with high-quality standard measurements. Its single usage will urge you to use it repeatedly. Its easy setup, flexible design, weight sustainer, and nonslip grip makes it easily usable for everyone. No matter how tough exercise you want to do, the Intent Sports battle rope is strong enough that you can trust. It’s time to take a step and make yourself your ideal one. Awoke your beast!

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Intent Sports Fitness Battle Ropes are designed to improve your workouts. It’s a very common problem in today’s busy life where we don’t have enough time to do long gym workouts. Then you are exactly in the right place. We have designed Intent Sports Battle Ropes for you. These battle ropes offer full body strengths, lose weight, and gain in muscles’ mass. Especially they are great for targeting your core and upper body since those are the primary movers in such sort of training.

Workout Battle Rope

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A fitness pro always longs for achieving his fitness goals. Battle rope exercises are suitable for strength as well as shaping your body. The Battle rope results can be seen within a few uses. Either you are a beginner or an expert, the battle rope training proves the best for everyone. From shaping to boosting your stamina, battle rope works the best.  The best Total-body workout you will ever try.

Effectively Calories Burned

effectively calories burned

If you are interested to lessen your weight, battle ropes for beginners can be quite efficacious. It blasts fat readily. Just 10 minutes of swinging heavy for exercise can burn calories up to 112. Battle ropes kit allows heavy workouts which boosts the range of motion. They are surprisingly effective for increasing mobility of the upper part and core of the body thus making the person be operative to the fullest.

Battle Rope Sizes

battle rope sizes

The battle rope comes with three different sizes that you can choose according to your experience level and space you have for doing the workout. If you have a larger area for doing workout then you can choose a big size battle rope. Its premium quality material makes it long-lasting and durable. The three sized ranges from 1.5×30, 1.5×40, and 1.5×50. The more you exercise, the more strength you gain.

Full Body Workout

Working out with ropes involved your full body muscles and strengthen every part of the body. It’s not limited to a specific type of exercise but full body muscles are involved. And it results in a full-body boost.

Perfect Battle Ropes

Intent Sports battle ropes are perfect to be used by anyone. Its user-friendly feature makes it different from other products in the market. The protective sleeves are made to save you from injuries. The anchor strap kit is designed to absorb the shock and heat shrink coated handles to prevent you from hurting. The handles are 1.5” In diameter and 9.5” in length for the best grip. Heavy-duty coated handles and reinforced straps allow you to do unlimited exercises without any fear of getting injured. Intent Sports have the best battle ropes for sale.

Exercise Book

The exercise book contains all the details about the exercises that we can do by using the Battle Rope. An E-book provides all the essential information for its proper usage.

Cardio Strength Training

If you want to shape your arms, back, chest and legs then start your training today with a battle rope and boost your stamina. The battle rope has increasing health benefits for cardiac people. It helps you to be fit in your daily life. Get rid of your fat and achieve your fitness goals with the best battle rope. Its effectiveness gas built with two anti-slip heat shrink coated handles that make its usage very easy and keeps you fit safely. Grab your battle rope and start your strength sessions.

Home Comfort

home comfort rope

It’s one of the hardest tasks to separate time for the gym. But how would you feel a gym at your home? Intent Sports BATTLE rope strength and mobility helps you to perform your workout at the ease of your home. Its flexibility and strength are feasible for everyone and make everyone love it. High quality sturdy tensile nylon makes it safely useable for people.  Anti-slip handles provide a strong grip and pure nylon covering protects you from hurting.

Lifetime Warranty

Battle rope's lifetime warranty makes its purchases more because its lifetime warranty is the best feature that attracts the buyers. HURRY UP AND BUY NOW! It also proves a perfect gift either it’s a birthday present or anniversary. So order now to get it delivered to your doorstep.  The whole package comes with 2 straps, one protection slip, a strong carabineer, an exercise E-book, and an exercise guide. 



If you are a fitness freak and want to achieve your fitness goal then this battle rope is for you. Get rid of your fat by burning it with our battle rope. You can get your arm, legs, shoulders, and back into shape by doing cardio with this exercise rope.


Starting from the coated handle to the rope, everything is designed with premium materials, and according to the quality standard measurements. Due to its durability, this battle rope would not start fraying even after using it on hard surfaces. No matter how hard is your workout, the battle rope would not be affected and can sustain wear and tear.


The battle rope comes with bonus protective sleeve to protect the rope from friction, be more durable, and will last many years of usage so no longer worry about protection, not only this there are 2 Heavy-Duty reinforced nylon anchor straps, stainless steel strong carabiner to secure your battle rope for long usage.


The battle rope has two anti-slip heat shrink coated handles that would protect your hands and make the rope not slip from your hands, keep fit safely. Heavy Duty Coated Handles help you to do your unlimited exercises for hours without fear of getting tired or injuring the hands.

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Make Your Training More Enjoyable.

If you want to get rid of expensive fitness equipment and still have fitness goals in your mind, then you are in the right place. Grab you a battle rope and start your training today to get in shape and to do arm, back, chest, legs, and core strength sessions, boost your stamina and cardio for increasing health benefits. Visit 
What is inside the package?
INTENT SPORTS Battle Rope comes with a full package for making you closer to your fitness goals.

  1. Protective Sleeve
  2. Coated Handles

Reinforced Heavy Duty Anchor Straps

Stainless Steel Carabiner
Protection Sleeve for prolong protection
INTENT SPORTS Battle Rope is fully covered with a pure nylon protection sleeve which makes it wear-resistant. No matter how tough is your workout training the sleeve would protect your rope from fraying.
Durable Anti Slip Handles for Easy Grip
INTENT SPORTS Battle Rope comes with 1.5'' in diameter 9.5'' in length heat shrink coated handles that make your toughest workout sessions easy by protecting your hand from hurting. Check out our one of the best selling pull up assists band and best home gym here.

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