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Yoga Exercise Ball Gym



Intent Sports Yoga ball chair is designed with the quality measurements due to which this ball is sturdy and durable enough so that it can resist the wear and tear for a long duration. The Inflatable Stability Ring (base) has strong contact with the ball and plays a vital role in the firm grip of the ball with the ground. Our ball with base is key for you to stay fit and live a healthy life.


No matter which fitness exercise you are doing this fitness ball is perfect to assist you. You can use it as Exercise Ball, Birthing Ball, Fitness Ball, Stability Ball, Balance Ball, and Yoga Ball. The ball has adjustable resistance bands so you can use according to your requirement. This fitness ball is best for Yoga, Pilates, chest presses, gymnastics for pregnancy, physiotherapy, abdominal workout, crunches, shoulder, legs, back workout, and many more workouts.


The experts have designed a special burst resistive material that can withstand with shocking jerks. This yoga ball is designed with a layered structure of PVC to sustain puncture, handling a load up maximum range. It can support up to 2000lb. So do not worry about its weight capacity. If you are afraid of going to the gym then this will your choice to do the workout at home. This yoga ball improves back pain and strengthens your muscles by daily workout.


This fitness ball with base is very lightweight so you so can take it to your office, gym, and home or anywhere you want for the workout. As we know that in the present era we are getting busy in our life, so in that case, we do not take care of our fitness so this ball will be the best facility to stay fit, increase muscle strength, the flexibility of your muscles, burning extra calories with our guide poster.


Ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with several of these to have at home and at work. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this special value complete set in plentiful supply. This makes a fine birthday gift, holiday present, anniversary gift or for Mother's Day and Father's Day. A favorite for any fitness enthusiast.


What is inside the Yoga ball package?

  • Burst Resistive Material
    Intent Sports yoga ball is designed with a layered structure of non-toxic PVC to sustain the punctures and has a huge loading capacity.
  • Strong Adjustable Resistance Bands
    The yoga ball comes with adjustable resistance bands for doing stretching exercises. Not only is this, but they're also carabineer clippers that help the resistance bands in firm attachment with the ball. So that you can enjoy every workout you want
  • Ring For Stability (Base)
    Intent sports Yoga ball comes with a stability ring that provides the strong base you so can perform your workout without fear of getting slipping.
  • Special Guide For Workout
    All you need for a proper workout is an easy workout guide and user manual. No need for extra tutorials in the presence of the guide and manual. You will get exercise ball all of them in this package.

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