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Battle Ropes:

The battle ropes are used for fitness training to increase full-body strength and conditioning. Battle ropes are also known as exercise ropes or heavy ropes. This exercise rope is the best equipment, from weight loss, muscle toning, gaining muscles to training body strength or balance. You can perform various battle ropes workouts that work on multiple muscles of the body. You can also have battle ropes at home to complete your exercises independently.

 So where to buy battle ropes and what size battle ropes to buy? There are different weights and lengths of battle ropes for sale, which means that you can customize your workouts as per your intensity and body strength. 

Best Battle Rope for Workout

battle ropes

Are you looking for all in one fitness equipment? The long, heavy-duty battle ropes are the best exercise tool for you. It’s a versatile and variable training tool to strengthen your muscles and conditioning your body. Intent Sports provide the best battle rope. Our experts designed the rope to be the most effective and long-lasting. The material of rope allows you to perform battle rope workouts safely.

The Intent Sports best battle rope is made with high-quality standards. From gripping the rope to packing it for traveling, our battle rope is the top choice of users. You can choose from different sizes of the rope according to your skill level and needs.


Don't panic about the heavy-weight and large size of the ropes. When a beginner looks at a professional athlete working with a battle rope, it seems like an intense challenge that is tough or nearly impossible for beginners. But, these are relatively easy to use, as described below. It is an excellent opportunity to use a different type of workout equipment that will help you to train your whole body. 

Battle Rope for Beginners: 

Irrespective of your skill level, you can perform many workouts with battle rope. Moreover, you can start with simple exercises, and then as you master the technique, you can move to advanced level workouts. You can follow the below tips for easy use of battle ropes; 

Keep The Rope A Little Lose: 

The looser you keep the rope, the better workouts you perform. If you keep the rope super tight, you will need more energy to create waves in the rope. And the rope will also return more energy, so it gets more challenging for you to safely use the rope. Battle ropes are also notorious for ''shoulder busters'' because of the shoulders' direct load if you do not lose the rope. 

Don't Keep Your Body Tight:  

It's one of the most common mistakes to tighten your body while working out with exercise ropes. Let your body muscles, shoulders, hips, feet, and legs dance a bit. Try to balance your body, but do be too stiff. 

Breath Deeply: 

Do not hold breathing or over breathe during workouts but breathe naturally. As you work out, your breathing will speed up, but you may face trouble catching your breath, but do not try to hold your breath for longer times. Try to match your breathing pattern with the speed and intensity of your workouts. 

Engage Full Body Muscles:

Although most battle rope exercises seem to be upper body targeted, you should try to engage all your major body muscles. When performing waves with rope, do not stiffen your legs and hips but let these areas be involved too. Exercises would engage your lower body in balancing and stabilizing your movements. 

Battle Rope Sizes: 

Though many people do not know, different sizes of battle ropes have other uses. So if you are wondering about the size of battle rope to buy, it is evident that you need to check your need and skill level. You might have already thought, ''what size should I buy and use?'' Battle ropes vary in lengths and widths. Both of these factors affect your workouts, so you should be wise while buying a rope. For example, you should know that you will get the length halved that you are going to buy as you wrap it around an anchor to make two free ends of the exercise ropes. It means a 50 feet long rope will become 25 feet land a 30 feet long rope will become 15 feet away from the anchor. The difference in the rope length will change fluidity in the movement, and so it will affect your workouts too. So, first of all, you should decide whether you want a low intensity or high-intensity training. 

Another reason that you should think about the size is your hand size and grip strength. If you have smaller hands and a low grip, a rope of 2-inch thickness will create a problem for you. On the other hand, if you are a long and sturdy person of 6" " 4'', a battle rope of 1.5-inch thickness is too small for you. So, it becomes essential to buy the rope size wisely. 


  • If you want to do cardio blasting workouts, we recommend you a 1.5" diameter rope. 
  • Thick ropes carry more weight but require a firmer grip too. 
  • If you want an aerobic workout, you should buy a lighter rope. 
  • A thicker rope will be difficult for beginners to handle. 
  • A 2 inch or thicker rope will provide more challenging workouts, which will help in losing muscles. 
  • You can also add more thickness by wrapping the rope or folding a towel around it so that you will need a firm grip on the rope. 


  • The most common lengths which are available in the market are 
  1. 50 feet 

  2. 40 feet 

  3. 30 feet

  • The longer the rope is, the more fluid it is. Shorter ropes are more resistant to motion. 
  •  A beginner should go for the long rope, which is excellent for creating smooth and momentum filled waves. Longer ropes are also useful for low-intensity workouts. 


Battle Ropes are among the most effective equipment known for firing muscles from head to toe, blasting the calories and fat. Your full body muscles are engaged in working out with the battle rope. Your legs are usually in a squatting or moving position; the core muscles will be stabilizing movements; your arms and while moving the rope, your shoulders are also engaged. Get battle rope workouts video here.

Battle ropes have various uses. These are used at the beginning of workout sessions as a part of the warm-up. You can also use these in the middle to build intensity. You can use an exercise rope workout as a finisher at the end of the workout session. Performing a battle rope workout is way much intense than a workout with dumbbells, so you get your heart rate up and, as a result, burn more calories. There is some heavy rope training routine that anyone can follow, either he is a beginner or an expert. Try out the following Exercises and Workouts with exercise ropes:

1. Double Wave: 

If you are looking For your upper body strength, then double wave battle rope exercises will be the best choice for you. 

  • Start by facing the rope's anchor point, and your feet must be shoulder-width apart. Now grasp the end of the rope in each hand such that your palms are facing each other.
  • Engage your core muscles while slightly softening your knees, and then start moving both arms up and down rapidly.

2. Snakes on the Floor: 

This workout will mainly engage your lower body muscles and challenge your leg muscles.  

  • Stand straight while your feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width and hold the ropes at your sides. Now lower down into a squat position while pulling your arms out wide. Make sure that your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Now start moving your hands in and out while crossing them. It will appear as if the two snakes are writhing on the floor. 

3. Shoulder Circles:

Shoulder Circles mainly focus on those deltoids and rhomboids, mostly neglected in everyday workouts.

  • Stand straight video feed shoulder-width apart, and your knees are slightly bent. Now Grab the ends of the rope in each hand such that your palm's facing the floor.
  • Now lift your arms over your shoulder and start making clockwise circles. Reverse this movement by making anticlockwise circles for the same period.

4. Shoulder Press: 

The battle rope shoulder press mimics the same movement of muscles as used with dumbbells. So, It is an excellent alternative to those heavy dumbbells.

  • Start by holding the ropes on your shoulder and making sure that it has a certain tension and is not loose.
  • Then just a simple press up and bring your hands back to your shoulders.

5. Side Slams: 

Side slams specifically result in a strengthened core. It is also helpful in acquiring that six-pack or burn the extra fat around your middle body. Developing your abs with battle rope is a fun activity.

  • Start with facing the anchor point such that your feet are shoulder-width apart and your knees are slightly bent. Now grasp the ends of the rope with your hands, palms facing each other.
  • Engage your core muscles and tighten the core area and simultaneously bring your hands to the left side of your body. Now, raise your hands up and then slam the ropes down on your right side.
  • Repeat the same while switching the sides and continue for as long as you can.

6. Bicep Waves: 

To perform the bicep waves, follow the below steps;

  • Stand up straight and grasp the ends of the rope in each hand. Now keeping your body still, move your arms up and down to create waves in the rope. 
  • Focus on the rope and continue creating waves in the rope. As you progress some days, you can have more repetitions with a higher amplitude of waves. 
  • Keep your elbows least moved so that your shoulders are not burning out and the movement is in the biceps. 

7. Grappler Toss: 

Grappler toss is one of the most intense exercise rope workouts that engages all major muscle groups. From head to toe, you will feel every muscle firing. To perform this exercise: 

  • Stand up such that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Hold the one end of the rope of each hand with a firm grip. 
  • Bring both hands up and then down to the right side of your body to the mid-thigh height. 
  • Perform the same on the left side for one repetition. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions as a beginner.

8. Jumping Jack:

Isn'tIsn't it amazing to perform jumping jacks with a workout rope? It adds intensity to your workout routine, so you burn more calories and get a healthier body. It will engage your whole body muscles in jumping jack with battle rope from jumping to moving the rope. To perform this workout:

  • Hold the ropes ends in each hand, with your feet together. 
  • Rapidly jump to the sides with your feet. Start continuously moving the rope up and out overhead, such that your hands almost touch over your head. 
  • Slam down the rope as you bring your feet back together to complete one repetition. 

9. Side Plank Waves: 

A plank is a beneficial exercise for fitness, but what if you add rope workouts to a plank? To perform this workout: 

  • Start with the plank position such that your legs are straight and your right forearm balances the full body.  
  • Then hold the rope in your left hand and start waving it up and down for 10 seconds. Switch the side and repeat the same. 
  • Take rest and try to repeat five times on each side. 


Most of the battle rope workouts involve dynamic and fast movements. You may get afraid of the heavy-duty battle rope size and the intensity of workouts, but you can make its usage comfortable by starting with basics and then moving to the advanced exercises. For beginners, the battle rope workout routine should be more straightforward than those of experts. Here are general recommendations from different experts: 

  • A beginner can start with two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps, with a 90-sec resting break between each repetition. It will help you to get along with basic exercises. You will feel confident to use and motivated. This level includes the basic routines to learn focus and a firm grip on the rope. Quit the training if you feel muscle aches but enjoy the muscle soreness due to the calorie burning. 
  • For Intermediates: 
    Intermediate users should perform four to six sets of 15 to 20 reps, with rest periods of 90 seconds between reps. This routine will help you to build intensity and burn more calories. 
  • For Experts: 
    Eight to ten sets of 20 reps of an exercise with 90 seconds of rest between each repetition can be a good workout routine for an expert. The expert level mostly has advanced workouts that involve full body muscles. You will feel stronger and strengthened muscles. 

You can also make your own battle rope workout routine as per your body demands and your energy. You may also have a different number of repetitions for other workouts at various skill levels.


If you have purchased a battle rope and decided to take all the goodness of exercise rope pieces of training at home, it becomes essential to learn how to fix your goodies. You may have bought the best exercise equipment but what good will it bring if you cant use it properly. Suppose you want to take all the goodness from this fun equipment at the comfort of your home, it is essential to fix battle ropes in place. You do not need master techniques to anchor the battle ropes. This section will focus on how to set up the battle ropes at home or a local park. 

Here is the best Intent Sports best battle rope anchor

Find an Appropriate Location: 

If you want to workout at your home or anywhere else but not at the gym, you should find an excellent place to perform exercises. Although gyms have colossal space for various workouts, your home can also serve the same. Either it is your basement or backyard, your home is the best place for mounting the battle ropes. You will feel comfortable to do exercises at home as there is no waiting line and no fear of broken floor. 

Similarly, you can also mount the battle ropes in outdoor places like gardens or parks if you find a tree or a strong pole. Enjoy your battle rope workouts in the fresh air and under sun rays. 

Find A Durable and Reliable Anchor: 

Many battle ropes already come with a mounting anchor. But if you do not have the one, you can buy a separate anchor or a Pro Mount Wall Ceiling Anchor. 

Commonly, rope anchors look like a Wall-bracket joined with a metal loop. The wall bracket helps to screw into the walls, and the circle is for attaching the battle ropes. In that case, you should find a drywall screw. 

Outdoor Setting Up the Battle Ropes: 

If you want to workout at outdoor places, you can find a tree to wrap the ropes around it. Or you can find a strong cloth line pole to anchor the battle ropes. 

Final Thoughts! 

If you have seen someone waving the battle ropes in an awe-inspiring way, you should know that it is not the rope that creates the magic, but it is a reliable and robust anchor that fixes the rope in place, and the athlete performs those fun workouts confidently. Your training could not be much excellent and exciting if you have not anchored ropes firmly. 


While these heavy-duty battle ropes seem intimidating but anyone can use these simple workout battle ropes. From improving your conditioning to burning lots of calories, these are the particular equipment. There are tons of benefits of using battle ropes in your workout routines. Some benefits of using battle ropes are described below: 

  1. When you workout battle ropes, your muscles have to do significant work, which speeds up the calorie burning. While creating simple waves in a straight body position, your biceps, shoulders, and arms move at high speed against the rope's tension; you will burn a lot of calories in a short period. 
  2. Improves Brain Activity: 

    Battle rope workouts help in improved brain activity. Learning to overcome barriers is one of the essential attributes of an athlete. From maintaining the rope's intensity to gripping the rope firmly, you will be continuously involving your brain. The alternate wave motion with battle ropes challenges your entire mind to maintain your body posture and balance all the movements. All these activities improve your brain functioning, and you become a pro with daily pieces of training in a few days. 
  3. Engages All Muscles: 

    Unlike most workouts, battle rope workouts engage your full body muscles. The upper body muscles are involved in creating waving or slamming the ropes. At the same time, it will be using your lower body muscles in maintaining body position and balancing all workout movements. The battle ropes challenge many major muscle groups based on how you move the ropes, grip, and distance from the anchor. The more intense workouts you perform, the more body muscles are engaged. 
  4. Get Stronger Muscles: 

    The heavy-duty ropes provide intense workouts for building strong muscles. The resistance in the rope will strengthen your abs, core, arms, quads, glutes, and in fact, your whole body muscles. As your muscles are involved in continuous activity, they get stronger day by day. 
  5. Various Workouts: 

    One can perform a variety of workouts with this simple long rope. You can even make your simple squats, lunges, and planks advanced using the battle ropes in daily exercises. 
  6. Use Anywhere: 

    You can use the battle ropes anywhere. All you need is san adequate space and a strong anchor point so you can use the battle ropes at home, at the gym, or even outside at a park or on the ground. You do not need to follow a complicated procedure of mounting the battle ropes, and even you can carry these ropes with you on your extended vacation. No chance to miss your workouts anytime! 
  7. Improved Coordination:

    Battle rope workouts improve your timings and coordination, which helps you in your daily activities and sports. Shuffling, waving, moving back and forth in your rope training becomes a full-body functional workout. As your everybody muscle needs to be coordinated during these exercises, it will improve body coordination. 
  8. Improved Cardiovascular: 

    The intense workouts with battle ropes directly improve cardiovascular activity. High-speed movements and high-intensity workouts will enhance cardiovascular capacity. 


We all know that most of the battle rope workouts give tough challenges to your body. It is clear that you can target particular muscle groups. Choosing specific exercises can target your core, abs, and other muscles. You can tone your legs and body shape with increased shoulder stamina. 

Lower Body Muscles:

Do not think your lower body is not involved in battle rope workouts. You can focus on lower body muscles easily with various exercises. As your upper body is involved in moving the ropes, think of your legs as pillars that help you in standing and maintaining your body posture. You can even incorporate front and back lunges along with side lunges in different workouts. In this way, you can target your glutes, hamstrings, and quads as well. 

In some exercises, you may be moving your lower body muscles and developing strong muscles. The only way you let your lower body rest is when you perform battle rope workouts while sitting on the floor. 

Upper Body Muscles: 

The primary focus of battle rope workouts is upper body muscles. As you grasp the rope and move it in a particular way in every exercise, you work with upper body muscles. You will be hitting the chest, shoulders, and even the back muscles. Your biceps and triceps work as synergistic to complete the movements. 

Individual workouts target specific muscles. For example, if you perform in and put waves, this will target the chest muscles. On the other hand, if you perform up and down waves, you will hit the shoulder muscles. It means you can target your preferred muscles by changing the exercises. 

Keeping in mind these points, battle rope training can replace your full body weight lifting workouts. We can now conclude that whether it is weight losing or gaining muscles, battle ropes provide a successful path towards your goals. 


Are you a creative person like me, and you love to create things on your own rather than buy from stores? Similarly, if you do not want to spend money purchasing the battle ropes from a store, you can build your gym equipment. You can easily DIY battle ropes, and you can set up these ropes at your home or outside with little effort. There are many options given below:

#1 Fire Hose Battle Ropes:

  • Find a fire hose:  Find a local nearby fire dept. The old fire hoses start to deteriorate with time, and you need to pick the one for you before they get thrown out. 
  • Transform It:  Fire hoses are mostly with metal caps at both ends, useless for you. Must remove these metal pieces with hacksaw etc. And yes! Your battle rope is ready to use. 

#2 Garden Hose Battle Ropes: 

  • Locate a hose: If you have a garden, you will have your won hose or a few of them. You may have old ones saved to reuse. So, it is time to reuse those old garden hoses. But if you do not have the one at your home, do not fret; you can purchase a garden hose from a local store for less than 20$. 
  • Start Using: If you have not already used battle ropes, a garden hose can provide enough weight for you at first. It is also a good idea if you are learning the battle rope uses. 

Make an Anchor:  

Whether you are using a battle rope bought from a store or you DIY the battle rope, you can wrap it around a tree, a pole, or a fence that is secure and robust. If you can not find any of these, string the garden hose through the handle of a heavy kettlebell or bumper plate, and then secure the kettlebell or plate by piling the sandbags on the top.



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