Bodyweight Training

We can see from the name that this training is the type of training which uses your body weight. A person lifts his bodyweight and train by lifting in different angles by using different muscles of his body. It is a very effective way to train as we can train anywhere anytime because we are using our body weight.

It is so simple and also effective, we are using our weight, so we just need basic equipment ( Like Pull Up Assist Bands ) for this training. Also, if we are lifting our weight, then there are almost no chances of any injuries.

Weight Lifting

On the other hand, weight lifting is a common thing, and everyone knows about that, we go to the gym and use different machines to lift the weight and train our body. The weight lifting is suitable for beginners, as some of us can’t raise their body weight.

Weight Lifting

The results we get from the weight lifting machines are not as good as the bodyweight training, but it is an excellent way to start training

Pros And Cons

Bodyweight Pros

  • Low Cost.
  •   Need Basic Equipment.
  •   Great Results.
  •   You can work out anywhere.
  •   Balance and Flexibility.
  •   More useful in weight loss.

Weight Lifting Pros

  •   Good for beginners.
  •   Faster results.
  •   More useful in weight gaining.
  •   Control the resistance/weight.
  •   Starting resistance is much lower.

Bodyweight Cons

  •   You need to be strong enough to lift your weight.
  •   You need skills and body balance.
  •   Slower results than weight Lifting.
  •   Can’t control the resistance.

Weight Lifting Cons

  •   It costs you a lot of money.
  •   Always need the proper equipment.
  •   You can’t carry the machines with you.
  •   You are bound to work out in the same place.
  •   The equipment takes a lot of space.


So its conclusion time? Which one is better? The thing is, it all depends on you and what you want.

If you want to grow big and bulky fast and want to transform your body, you should go with the weight lifting. But it also has some cons like the weight lifting need big bulky machines that cost you a lot of money or gym membership, but if you buy the equipment, you need a lot of space to put them. You are not mobile, and you are bound to your gym room. Also If you have a gym membership, you have to go to the gym daily.

On the other hand, just like everything in this universe, it also has its pros that are already mentioned that for beginners, it is better as the lowest resistance would be about a couple of pounds. So If you are new or weak and you can’t lift your body weight, you have to start from weight lifting. Also, it will take you almost two weeks to know about all the exercises, and there is no special skill needed for these exercises. Your muscle will be shredded, and with proper diet, it will also heal up quickly, resulting in fast and big muscle growth.

On the other hand, If you have the time and you want a good looking smart and fit body, then you should go for the bodyweight training. You can go to a park on a beautiful day to work out. You are not bound to your gym or heavy equipment. You are your own gym — no need for bulky machines or any membership. You can skip a day if you are busy.

The results are slow, but at the end of the day, you will see that every muscle of your body is growing and in getting in better shape. But again like everything it also has its cons that people who are new to body-building or maybe fat people that can’t lift their body weight they need stronger muscles, so they have to start from the weight lifting. The resistance is your whole body weight, and that can’t be lowered or increased. And you need intense skills to balance your body and also need techniques to workout correctly, which are time taking to master.

And if you already have a sound body and experience but you want a more challenging and demanding workout so you should do both as they both are a great way to train again, it all depends on what you need and what is your lifestyle.