Do AB Rollers Work

ab roller wheel

One of the best equipment that you can use for your fitness goals is the AB wheel or AB Roller. They are relatively cheap but offer an incredible ab sculpting workout with a bonus of core strengthening benefits as well. Although they provide huge value in your lifestyle, you can check out how low cost they are.

How Does It work?

Ab Roller Wheel is a very simple piece of equipment. It's a wheel that rotates freely around a rod that is passed through its centre point. It is primarily used to perform various Rollouts. You can use this equipment by gripping the centre rod on both sides of the wheel and rolling your upper body forward into a plank position. The plank position itself with the instability of the wheel creates a unique core workout challenge.

Ab Roller Muscles Workout:

ab roller muscles worked, what muscles does the ab wheel work

Ab roller works for many muscles of the body, but it mainly targets the core muscles, including the rectus abdominis, obliques, and erector spine (lower back). It also targets the latissimus dorsi (upper back) and shoulder muscles. The ab wheel rollout works all your muscles in the midsection.
What makes the ab wheel so effective is its ability to engage our entire core, including what is referred to as our "stabilizer" muscles. Stabilizer muscles act as the support system for our skeleton, aiding us in maintaining balance and correct posture.
You have to stretch your body while working out through an ab roller; it gives an excellent exercise to your back muscles. You will be able to say goodbye to the horrible backaches with regular use of an ab roller. You can read about more ab roller exercises.

30 Days AB Roller Challenge:

30 day ab roller challenge

Let me tell you a story about our struggling client. He used to complain about his belly fat, which was also affecting his entire lifestyle. Back pain and low on energy were leading him towards an inactive life. However, he tried a lot of workouts but didn't get effective results. This all made him lose hope. But as soon as he came to know about AB Wheel Roller, he decided not to wait anymore and so started his successful journey towards a fit and healthy body. First of all, it was clear in his mind that the weight he gained was not a result of weeks, but it's about months, and so should be the weight loss. Losing five or more pounds a week is an aggressive and potentially unhealthy weight loss goal. It is a long term commitment. Losing 2 to 3 pounds per week is fine. So, it started with one month AB Roller Challenge.

Although AB Wheel seems a piece of small and even fun equipment yet in practice, it's an advanced tool that gives you an intense, next-level core challenge. As our client said:
 "It seems an easy workout in first tries, but as you start engaging your abs/core muscles, you must be groaning."
He explained further that you need to exert so much control from hip flexors up towards your shoulder.

The first week:

The first week is the start of the struggle. Your muscles feel the stretch and muscle start burning within just a few days.

The fourth week:

His consistency and passion finally lead him to the Fourth week. As the days passed and the body got trained, it became much more comfortable to perform his workouts. With visible results, he couldn't stop continuing his routine.

AB Wheel Workout Routine:

ab wheel workout routine

Typically, the workout routine of our client was using the AB Wheel 3x per week and doing 3-4 sets per workout for 12-15 reps, and by the time he felt his abs are burning like crazy. You can make your routine as per your need. He explains that; It's my consistent hard work and strong will power, which pushed me to complete my challenge successfully. Thanks to Intent Sports Training to give me full training tips with the Best Intent Sports Ab Wheel Roller.

AB Wheel Before and After

ab wheel before and after


Our client told me that it wasn't just about belly fat but also being physically unfit was hindering his other life matters. He started feeling inferior and low on energy. It started with the day when he measured his waistline, and it was 38 inches. Its a drastic increase from 32 inches. The feeling of an increased weight was also affecting his mental abilities. After a lot of research and trying different exercises, he came up with an AB Wheel Roller and decided to give it a try.


It's for about two weeks. He could visibly see the results. A strong AB and Core while losing the belly fat. As the days passed and he continued his struggle, his waist was surprisingly measured to be 34. 

AB Roller Result   

So the conclusion time, Ab Wheel needs great strength, and it is not for a beginner. You need a strong core and upper body. But, don’t worry, Intent Sports has got you covered. Check out our Ab Wheel it has a resistance band that helps you to do the rollout more easily so it will support your back so you can build your lower back and abs easily from the start.