When it comes to bodyweight training exercises you will be amazed on just how these exercises can be effective when it comes to maintaining your fitness and muscles. And the thing is many people still haven’t realized the benefits of bodyweight training that is because it has not been brought to their attention, all they see are people in the gym lifting weights whereas there are bodyweight exercises that can also be effective too.


Bodyweight exercises are known to be strength training exercises, whereby a person uses their own weight as a resistance against gravity. These exercises help to enhance your body’s strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and balance. Most people don’t know this but bodyweight exercises have some really good benefits when you start doing them, which will be more of reason why you should incorporate bodyweight exercises to your workout.



Knowing that bodyweight training has its own benefits should be more than enough to inform you on why you should incorporate bodyweight training into your workout so whenever you can’t go to the gym you can at least do some bodyweight training.



In doing bodyweight exercises, you will be relying on your body to do the workout which will then improves your body’s balance, When you do a full body routine it engages your core muscles and improves the strength in your limbs. It then helps to boost your balance through increased body awareness and control.



This helps to show you just how great bodyweight training is, you don’t need any special equipment to do it. When you are at home and can’t go to the gym due to bad weather you can just do some bodyweight training instead and exercising without equipment is said to be used as a stress reliever.



In bodyweight training it can go alongside with strength building and flexibility, when you do a complete bodyweight exercise in ensures your joints end up moving freely. It can also bring about good posture and reduce the risk of having injuries related to exercises. Another great way you can improve your flexibility is by doing yoga which is the favorite workout for many people that don’t require any equipment.



When you do bodyweight training it can have a major impact on your body’s metabolism, when you do a more intense bodyweight exercise you will be able to feel the effect of it and in return burns fat in your body faster.



Your body core is more than just your abs, it is said that at least 29 muscles make up your body trunk and when you do bodyweight exercises it helps to engage all of them. These exercises won’t just make your abs tighter; it will also give you better posture and improve your overall performance.





In bodyweight training one of the major benefit is that it is extremely cost effective, you won’t be needing an equipment when it comes to working out and you don’t need to sign up for a gym membership to do some bodyweight training. When it comes to bodyweight training you don’t have to empty your pockets before you get in shape, which is why it has gotten so popular among some fitness and health community.


Whenever you can’t go to the gym you can make use of any of these interesting bodyweight exercises and if any of them are exercises you have been doing you can then decide to start doing them more often and add some other bodyweight exercises to your day to day workout and help boost your muscle build-up.


SIT-UPS: You probably already know about sit-ups and it’s a very effective bodyweight exercise when done in good form. For this exercise just lie on the ground with your knees bent, then what you would want to do now is contract your abs to lift your body off the ground. If you are doing this try to limit the movement in your lower back.


PLANK: Another exercise you know of that you just consider as being basic but it’s a really great bodyweight exercise. To do this you have to lie facing down with your forearms on the floor and your hands clasped. You want to make sure to extend the legs behind you, then go ahead and rise up with your toes, and aim at keeping your back straight.


L-SIT:  When it comes to this bodyweight exercise, you should sit on the ground with your feet out in front of you and your arms places at your sides. With your hands at your side you should attempt lifting your entire body off the ground while keeping your legs straight in front of you.


PULL UPS: Yes that’s right it is also an effective bodyweight exercise, when done with good form you will be getting the best out of it. If you don’t have something you can hang on to at home, there are plenty at playgrounds that you can use. When doing pull ups you are focusing the muscle building to your biceps and your back.


PUSH-UP: You already know the basic push up, where you position your hands shoulder-width apart and then brace your core which will then make your body into a straight line. Then you start bending at the elbows until it seems your chest are about to touch the floor, this is when you quickly push back up to return to the position you started with. You want to make sure that throughout the entire exercise your elbows are close to your body. There are other varieties of push-ups that you can try out which are very effective bodyweight exercises.


STEP-UP: For this exercise you would want to look for a step or bench, and then you would want to place on foot on the raised surface. This is when you want to step up until the front leg is straight and then return to your former position by stepping down repeat the whole process while changing the foot you placed on the raised surface.


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