List of Compound Exercises


Compound exercises are movements which are multi-joint that work on groups of large muscle like a bicep curl and push-ups. These are movements that usually require more energy to perform and in return your body tends to burn more calories and fat. You should know that the more muscle groups that you focus on, the more energy you will be using and the more calories and fat you will be burning. If you want to do more exercise in less time, compound exercises have the lead on this. 

People always want to look for shortcuts to get in shape and build muscle, to be really honest there is not easy way to get in shape and build muscle. When it comes to building muscle other factors come into play such as genetics, fitness level and body type. This is why when you decide to lift I would recommend you add some compound exercises into your weightlifting routine because when you do so it will strengthen and define multiple muscle groups at once and which will allow you to have effective workouts.


When it comes to compound exercises there are two main types you need to know, because each of them have different functions.

  • SINGLE MOVE COMPOUND EXERCISES: These are compound exercises that include different muscle groups and joints, like squats and deadlifts.
  • TWO MOVES COMPOUND EXERCISES: These are compound exercises that strung together to produce one exercise, like a bicep curl which then becomes a shoulder press.

No matter the type of exercise you decide to go with, when done right can be very effective to your muscle growth.


To enable you know why you should do compound exercises, I will be informing you about the benefits that comes with compound exercises. The major benefit of doing compound exercises is that they are very effective even if you don’t want to exercise for too long, you will be able to work more muscles and build up strength by just focusing on compound exercises.

Well other benefits that you can get from compound exercises include:

  • It helps your body to burn more calories.
  • It improves your movement efficiency.
  • It improves your intramuscular coordination.
  • It improves your strength.
  • It helps in elevating your heart rate and also provides cardiovascular training benefits.
  • It improves your flexibility.


There are different compound exercises that you can include into your workout and I will be going over some of them.


You can consider this as a weight compound exercises which is said to be the king of compound exercises. The deadlift is known to be highly effective for an entire body exercise which will help you when it comes to size and strength.

When you do this compound exercise the muscles targeted are the calves, erector spinae, glutes, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors, rhomboids and the trapezius.


The standard bodyweight exercise, known to be a closed kinetic chain pushing exercise. The push up might just be seen as one of the basic exercises but it is one of the most effective compound exercises. When done right the muscles that you will be targeting will be the triceps, chest, core, and alterior delts. There are a lot of bodyweight exercise kits in the market place. This suspension training straps is the most popular one among them.


This exercise has been argued to be the most effective compound pulling exercise you can do along with a deadline because it can also be done with weights which add extra benefits. This compound exercise is said to target certain muscles that are the biceps, forearms, lats, core and rhomboids.


Squats have been said to be very effective when it comes to leg mass and strength building. When doing squats it will help to build up your strength, speed, mobility, and explosiveness. The muscles targeted when doing squats are the hamstrings, abductors, glutes, calves, erector spine, core, and the quadriceps.


The bodyweight exercise dip is another over the top compound exercise that is a very effective kinetic chain pushing exercise. When being done the muscles that are being targeted are the lateral delts, chest, core, anterior delts, and the triceps.


You should know that the L sit one of the fundamental bodyweight core exercises and gymnastic training. It is highly effective when it comes to targeting muscles such as the lats, abdominals, hip flexors, forearms and rhomboids.


In compound exercises, the row is a vertical pulling compound exercise which is highly recommended when it comes to upper back development,  the row is not just great for upper back development but it also targets some few muscles as well which includes the lower back, rhomboids, lats, trapezius and the abdominals.


Now for a more effective compound exercise, the bench press is all about the standard barbell and dumbbell pushing exercise. It focuses more on building a thick chest and triceps.


For compound exercises, the lung is said to be an effective alternative to squatting, lunges are known for getting great mass and strength building. When you are doing lunges you want to have it in mind that you will be targeting muscles such as the abductors, hamstrings, glutes, core and the quadriceps. 


When it comes to compound exercises the overhead press is a standard movement that focuses more on shoulder strength and size. When doing a standing overhead press the variant will work your stabilizers and core which will then take them to an extended degree and reduce spinal pressure. In doing overhead press the muscles targeted are shoulders, core, triceps, posterior chain and trapezius.


The overhead press is a weight compound exercise so the handstand pushups are the bodyweight variant of the overhead press. The handstand pushups are not that easy when it comes to doing them but when done correctly is very effective and targets the same muscles like the overhead press like the shoulders, core, triceps, posterior chain activation and the trapezius.


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