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Most of us think that the ab wheel is for fitness for women, but trust me! If used correctly, it is much, much more than that.

So what ab wheel is? Most of us have already seen it in gyms and online and almost everyone knows we have to stretch our whole body from sitting on our knees to plank position. But we do not have proper info on it. So let me tell you today.

Does It Work?

After all this, the question rises that this guy is saying that it is great equipment, but does it work? Well yes! It works and needs a lot of energy and strength. It uses your upper body and also your rectus abdominis to do a full rollout. It stretches these muscles, and by doing so, your muscles get in shape and get stronger. And we have seen many people get great results, but of course, it will take some time. So get your ab wheel today and start working out.


Implicates Several Muscles

Some exercises like crunches need only rectus abdominus muscles, but ab wheel exercises involve several muscles, including the lats, rectus abdominus, pecs, obliques, iliopsoas, and deltoids. So, you are working out a lot harder and growing these muscles in a better way.

Effective, Small And Simple

Unlike other equipment, it is small and so simple to use yet, effective. You don’t need a lot of space to put it, or it is not heavy to move; you can take it anywhere. But the results and muscles it involves making it more effective.

Affects Your Daily Life    

Other exercises are not helpful in daily life like how many times do you lift a heavy thing that needs biceps or triceps or other muscles, but with almost every movement you do, it affects your core, and a strong core helps you in your daily life.  


So the ab wheel has disadvantages? Well, don’t worry as it only has one disadvantage that if your core and back muscles are not strong enough, it will strain your lower back and can cause you pain. So, build up a stronger core and lower back muscles first!

Final Words                    

So the conclusion time, Ab Wheel needs great strength, and it is not for a beginner. You need a strong core and upper body. But, don’t worry, Intent Sports has got you covered. Check out our Ab Wheel it has a resistance band that helps you to do the rollout more easily so it will support your back so you can build your lower back and abs easily from the start.

 For Ab Wheel Exercises


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