Yoga Ball Chair Benefits

No one know completely yoga ball benefit. Yoga ball may look like a normal but a giant-sized ball that just sits in the corner of your gym, and we do not give it the importance that it should have. So let's know more about the yoga ball.

Yoga ball also is known as exercise ball in the past it is made generally made of mixed material; usually, it is PVC or some elastic. It comes in different sizes, often its diameter is 35 to 85 centimeters (14 to 34 inches). It is filled with air through a valve system and can be deflated by opening the valve.

yoga ball benefit

A yoga ball is known by a number of different names, including Swiss ball, balance ball, birth ball, body ball, fitness ball, gym ball, gymnastic ball, physioball, pilates ball, naval mine, pezzi ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, or therapy ball.

Yoga Ball History

It was first developed in 1963 by Aquilino Cosani, an Italian plastics manufacturer. These balls were known as "Pezzi balls," and they were first used in treatment programs for newborns and infants by “Mary Quinton,” a British physiotherapist who was working in Switzerland. Later in Switzerland, the ball was used for the exercise as physical therapy for neuro-developmental treatment.

The term "Swiss Ball" was used when American physical therapists began to use those techniques in North America after witnessing their benefits in Switzerland. From their development as physical therapy in a clinical setting, those exercises are now used in athletic training, as part of a general fitness routine and incorporation in alternative exercises such as yoga. Then after seeing the results and the benefits, it became popular.

Yoga Ball Benefits

Back and spine health

If you have back problems, then the ball is great for you as it supports your lower back as you exercise and stretch on it. This is the reason that physical therapists and chiropractors use the ball for therapy. It relieves back pain by straightening your spine as you stretch on it, so it’s a win-win.

Core stability

One of the most difficult muscles to train is the core muscles, but the yoga ball helps you to build your core muscles. Also, if you are sitting on it helps stabilize your core muscles because while sitting on a chair, you do not engage these muscles as the chair is stable already, so by sitting in this, you have to engage your core muscles. 


While you sit on the ball, you have to balance yourself, or you will also fall according to research, your spine while sitting should not be straight. It should have a slight curve, so it helps you in maintaining a good posture that relieves the back pain.

Muscle balance

Sometimes your one muscle group is active, and the opposite is a little bit weak as compared to the other, which causes the muscle imbalance and your posture, and the way you walk is a bit odd. So it helps to balance both sides of core muscles when you work out on it or sit on it.

 I hope you like the yoga ball benefit.