Best Pull Up Assist Bands

Pull up assist bands are the best way to perform your exercisesPull-ups are undoubtedly an effective workout and can have an amazing impact on your body. They are one of my favorite exercise gear because they helped me with those exercises that I dreaded to perform. below you can check the top-rated best resistance bands.

1. Intent Sports Pull up Assist Bands Set of 6

    pull up assist bands

    We got a chance to review Intent Sports pull up assist bands, and we found that they are the perfect gym gear for those people who are looking to do pull-ups with ultimate uniformity.

    Intent Sports offers a high-quality, durable best pull assist band that is like the kind you will come across in several gyms. The set comes in five-set assist bands bundles that help you achieve the right body shape you always wanted. These bands are all about effective elastic resistance and come in a variety.

    Intent Sports have looked into usability, the bands start from 15lbs to 150lbs of tension, and it provides a complete spectrum depending on how much help you need. On top of that, you get a set of five bands that helps you with your workout for a hefty discount.

    The assistance these bands provide helps the user to knock out more reps than usual and is a versatile gear that is functional in any part of the workout.


    • Band set comes in five sizes; they are so compact they don't take a lot of space.
    • Good quality materials used for bands.
    • You get five bands along with a carryback, guide, and e-book.
    • Ideal for powerlifting and mobility training.
    • Perfect for multiple kinds of exercises.

    2. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

      WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands are on the second number, they provide resistance between 35lbs to 175lbs, but across five bands, they are divided into six. This means you are going to have a difficult time shifting from one band to the other since the jumps between the bands are greater.

      best pull up assistance bands

      Moreover, the lowest band at 35lbs of tightness is more than what many people will need. It's also perhaps too much to use as a shared band and decreases your capability to micro-load your pull-ups, straight making this pull up band less effective. Difficulties for WODFitters are typically connected to quality assurance, with assist bands sometimes turning up pre-damaged. They also tend to fray or break far more often than Intent Sports or some other brands.


      • Economical compared to other assist bands on this list but not durable. 


      3. Pull Up Assist Resistance Bands Set – Functional Fitness Bands

        This pulls up assist band comes on the third number at this list. It's a complete exercise set. This saves you around 40% of the price. Additionally, this pulls up resistance band offers an average exercise experience.

        best pull up resistance bands

        The design is unique and maintains your daily workout routine and risk-free use with excellent functionality that makes this band a good pull up assist bands set.


        • These bands are best for home gym
        • Comes with a lifetime warranty

        4. Mummy Strength Pull Up Resistance Bands

          MummyStrength pull up resistance bands aren't only for strong moms; it's the kind of band that does well for everyone. They offer a narrow range of bands with no options for band sets. These bands come with somewhat good durability, but there have been some concerns from the user's end for tension sets in too quickly for a band as short as the Mummystrength bands. This raises concern for durability; the
          bands don't stretch as much as you would want from a pull-up band to be utmost effective.

          top rated pull up assist bands

          This kind of problem arises if the person using the band is taller; it's not clear whether this is because of the design of the bands for weight training, particularly or if they are designed to loop the knee during a pull-up, but these bands have some issues.


          • Affordable

          5. UPOWEX Pull Up Assistance Band Set

            This is a collection of 4 bands, which gives excellent value. However, the original range and effectiveness of the products are uncertain. With a mixture of only 90lbs – from 35 to 125lbs – there are not going to be many ways to get the most from this product.

            pull up bands set

            Your actual workout should be right, but it isn't optimal in the identical way that the Intent Sports sets are.

            On the whole, however, the status of this product is consistently excellent. We have seen that consumers are pleased with these assist bands, and their no-questions-asked assure for their bands is a different policy, and an incredible sign of the quality of these best pull up bands.


            • The excellent price point for a collection of 4 standard tensioned bands
            • Outstanding customer satisfaction meaning exceptional strength and quality

            Why Pull Up Assist Bands?

            Pull up assist band can support you in maximizing your pull-up training and become stronger. They also help with adjustable assistance, helping you concentrate on your strategy and improve your body shape.


            The good part is the pull-up bands are versatile and can be attached to any pull-up bar. Pull up assist bands to help in upper body workout and works on several large muscles such as the back, arms, and shoulders.

            They are great for a cardio workout, and the best part about them is they don't need expensive equipment for training.

            Why Use Pull Up Resistance Bands for Workout? 

            The amount of assistance offered by the pull-up band depends on its thickness. The thicker the band is, the more resistance it will offer.

            A thicker band will provide the best assistance and resistance while you are performing pull-ups. Selecting the right type of assist band for your workout depends on your body weight. Usually, the resistance level of an assist band is matched with the body weight. The key is that you select the one that is perfect for your body weight.

            The Advantages of Best Pull Up Bands

            There are many benefits of pull up assist bands, and some of these include:

            • Practice: Using a pull up assist bands while executing your reps allows you to focus your complete attention on your training. A well-performed pull is far better than repeating a hundred reps incorrectly. As this workout involves upper body muscle in execution, performing it with an incorrect practice can result in the wrong outcome. Pull up assist band helps in making it easier for the users to lift themselves against the pull-up bar while perfecting the practice.
            • Pressure: Using best assist bands relieves the pressure on your lower back when you are performing the workout. Since you are using most of the upper body in completing the exercise, the pressure of your body weight will automatically fall on your lower body.
            • Lift-off: This part of the workout usually is what gives novices a hard time when trying their hands-on this workout. At the beginning of the pull, one needs to engage the muscles of the upper back. Also, your biceps are doing most of the work, so getting these muscles to pull your body for the first time is pretty daunting; this is where the best pull up assist bands to come in, the stretch of the band makes sure that you don't face any issue in your pull; this is necessary
            • until you reach that point where you complete your reps without any support from pull up assist bands.

            Have you ever tried doing pull-ups with assist bands? If not, we have reviewed the best pull up bands you should consider buying.

            Final Thoughts About Pull Up Bands 2021

            Since pull-ups are an essential exercise, the difficulty depends on your body weight. Best Pull up assist bands can help you take some of that load and allow your muscles to complete the pull-ups. These pull up assist bands are great for those who are doing pull-ups for the first time or are professionals needing assistance. They are highly beneficial when you are trying to perform the reps in a workout.

            They are quite versatile and can help you with a significant number of exercises. You can always try the pull up assist bands at your local gym or before you buy your own set. So if you are stuck on pull-ups or you are trying to take your fitness to the next level, pull up assist band is an excellent investment.