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Yoga & Exercise Ball:

Intent Sports Yoga and Exercise Ball allows you to perform various exercises. Exercise Ball, also known as Yoga Ball, most often is used for Physical therapy, athletic training, and activities. We provide the best exercise types of equipment for weight training and staying healthy.

Yoga & Exercise

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No matter which exercises you want to perform, Intent Sports Exercise Ball is the perfect equipment to assist you. The fitness ball is equally suitable for Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Crunches, shoulder, leg, back, and many more workouts. The best Balance Ball workout is key to stay fit and healthy.

Calories Burner:

If you face difficulty in doing traditional workouts, the small changes in your daily routine can enhance your calorie-burning efforts. Sitting or bouncing nervously on a ball rather than chair surprisingly increases your calorie burning. Abdominal exercises or push-ups help the belly to be more flatter. Simple workouts with physioball boost Extra Calories Burning. The exercise ball plugs your workouts, burning a high number of calories, enhancing your fitness efforts.

Yoga Ball Crunches:

yoga ball crunches

The best way to perform abdominal crunches is on an exercise ball. This gym ball helps to perform gym workouts in a much more comfortable but effective way. The go-to exercise for a Six-Pack is crunching, for which stability balls are a relatively widespread and inexpensive piece of equipment. People often use it as an alternative to a chair because of its versatile uses. As compared to crunches on an uneven surface, the exercise ball activates Stabilizer muscles to get you stable on your workout ball.

Stability Ball Workouts:

stability ball workouts

The best Stability Exercises and many other therapies or training can be done with a fitness ball. Besides shaping overall muscles, the Yoga Ball provides numerous other benefits ranging from rehabilitating Back or knee injuries to improving core stability, posture, and muscle balance. It's a great tool to incorporate in your exercises, causing your core to stretch and contract more. The physioball is especially useful for core exercises, which resultantly makes your waist slimmer.

Long-Lasting Equipment:

Intent Sports Yoga Ball chair system is designed with premium quality measurements having three durable layers in its thickness. The ball's base is a stable ring that provides a firm grip of the ball with the ground. Our fitness ball with a strong base makes it sturdy and durable to resist wear and tear, making it an amazingly long-lasting exercise ball. The high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of the Intent Sports Gymnastic Ball makes it a lovely addition in your lifestyle. It is made with an inflatable base, which allows you to do ball exercises without fear of slipping. It can support upto 2000 lbs. The burst resistive material in Yoga Ball can bear shocking jerks.

Adjustable Bands:

The inflatable Exercise Ball comes with adjustable resistance bands. You can adjust resistance bands according to your strength. Either you are a beginner or an expert, it is ideal for everyone. The beginner Exercise Ball helps new users to assist their workouts in better balancing and stabilization. It makes your workouts an enjoyable activity. The bands with Yoga Therapy Ball allows you to do stretching exercises. These bands make it a multifunctional product. The resistance bands are firmly attached to the ball with the help of sturdy Carabineer Clippers.

Balance Ball for ABs:

balance ball for abs

Do you want more defined abs? The stability fitness ball based workouts tone your abs muscles by making them work hard. The stability ball or balancing ball not only shapes your core but also targets the fat muscles. The stability ball exercises will surely strengthen your abs, back, and arm muscles. You can also amp things by increasing your tempo. You can burn more calories with exercise ball workouts than old faithful crunches and sit-ups.

Pregnancy and Pediatric Therapy Balls:

Pregnant women can use the intent Sports exercise ball. As it can reduce pain and help to feel more comfortable during labor. Doing workouts with the birthing ball during pregnancy will help to labor effectively. The exercise ball is simple equipment to work into everyday exercises for you and your child ranging from infant to teenagers. An exercise ball is best for pediatric core strengthening for children. It's a fun way to strengthen the postural muscles necessary for the better development of children.

Full Body Workouts:

Most people never think to do total body workouts with a stability ball. They feel that ball exercises only strengthen the core, but exercising with the ball will tone whole body muscles. You can do different types of workouts for your abs, back, arms, and legs. You can do yoga every morning with our yoga ball and stay fit and healthy in your busy routine. It helps to give your body strengthen, mobility, support, and skills it needs to thrive.


If you have to travel frequently and have to do your workouts in routine, then an exercise ball can be your best choice. You can take your exercise ball with you while staying fit and healthy with a stability ball. The fitness ball can be easily packed. You can take your favorite exercise ball everywhere: your office, home, or a traveling camp. Its high-quality flexible material makes it travel friendly with resistive properties. Our best physiotherapy training ball is equally suitable for men, women, and children of any age.

Before and After:

exercise ball before and after

Our experts designed the weighted exercise ball as an effective means of building muscles, strengthen your core, and developing balance. Various kinds of exercises can be performed with our best inflatable exercise ball. In addition to muscle toning, bicep and triceps lifts can also be done. The workout ball provides a platform for your entire workout routine. You can see precise results in your before and after workout routine.


The full body transformation can be done with a fitness exercise ball. You can transform traditional exercises into multi-muscle movers that will help you get more done in less time. The most significant benefit of the stability ball is challenging your balance. After completing the warm-up, do the recommended number of repetitions of workouts.


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