INTENT SPORTS Agility Leg Trainer

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  • STUDY AND DURABLE LEG BANDS: Our leg trainer booty fitness band system comes with the Leg Resistance Bands that are made of high-quality, sweat-resistant environment-friendly latex. Due to latex composition, resistance fitness bands are strong enough and can provide decent resistance in your legs and butt workout, not only this also be with you even after years of training and can sustain the wear and tear. The steel metal buckle attached is for a stronger grip.
  • STRETCHING THIGH STRAP: Our stretching strap makes it easy to squeeze your booty in the workout. The strap is made up of high-quality padding and nylon webbing that would not irritate your skin and allows you to do your squat session easily. Stretching thigh straps help you to increase your muscle strength, maintain your body mobility and prevent you from muscle injury during your intense workout.
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE ACCORDING TO YOUR RESISTANCE LEVEL: If you want to train yourself for football, basketball, boxing, improve your strength, agility, stamina, endurance, balance, acceleration, flexibility and many other sports-related skills do not worry you are at the right place. By using this leg trainer, you can get calves, thighs and glute into shape.
  • TRAIN ACCORDING TO YOUR RESISTANCE LEVEL: INTENT SPORTS leg trainer exercise band has 4 choices of different resistance levels, so you can easily do the workout that fits your body requirement. Gain strength, faster acceleration, balance, and flexibility while working to improve sport-specific skills. We are offering 30lbs-2 yellow resistance bands, 40 lbs-2 grey resistance bands, 55lbs-2 blue resistance bands, 85 lbs-2 black resistance bands.
  • EASY TO CARRY: If you are worried that how will you carry this leg trainer out with you, so no need to worry because it comes with study lightweight black backpack carry bag that is spacious and can carry all the items such as 8 x Resistance Bands, 1 x Stretching straps, 1 x Product guide, for exercise everywhere and anytime.



Strengthen your body and increase your endurance to improve your ability to maximize performance in sports The trainer also provides fitness freaks resistance levels to train the lower body, core, cardio for weight loss.


  • Comfortable Thigh Straps
  • 30 lb. Pair Reinforced Yellow Resistance Bands
  • 40 lb. Pair Reinforced Grey Resistance Bands
  • 55 lb. Pair Reinforced Blue Resistance Bands
  • 85 lb. Pair Reinforced Black Resistance Bands
  • Premium-Quality Carrying Bag
  • Interactive Product Guide Book