Portable Home Gym – Dynamic Total Body Workout

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jDYNAMIC BODY WORKOUT AT YOUR HOME: In this busy life routine we always miss our fitness sessions at the gym, in simple words we have not so much time to go to the gym for a workout to stay fit. No problem, we have a solution for this, now you do not need to go every day to the gym and wasting your time with those big heavy machines. With patent pending Intent Sport Portable home gym equipment, you can do all of your home workouts such as cardio, upper body workouts, lower body workouts and resistance exercises for your body without that expensive fitness equipment.

TENSION REGULATOR ON THE FLY: Sometimes it is quite difficult to go to gym regularly. So, unlike the regular gyms that provide all kind of adaptable machines according to the body of different humans, we have developed a flexible portable gym machine which has one click tension regulator. And its most important feature is that it is suitable for everyone, whether male, female, tall and short. Our unique Tension Regulator can increase or decrease the workload, due to which you can improve the muscles growth and strength.

PREMIUM QUALITY & COMPACT DESIGN: Intent Sports Portable Home Gym bundle has a compact design. We designed this product according to quality assurance measurement, it can resist wear and tear and can be with you for a long time. Every gym comes with a complete package of Start-Up Guide. 76 exercise practical guide and all other important accessories such as two wrist/ankle band, a collapsible bar, door anchor, change bands and a bag

BEST FOR TRAVEL: Intent Sports Portable home gym kit is the all in one compact home workout station. Home gym kit comes with a sturdy carrying bag so there is no issue regarding its portability. Home gym package is very lightweight so if you are traveling or out of the city where you do not have time for the gym, you can take the home gym with you and can maintain your fitness. With this portable home gym with resistance bands, you can strengthen your abs arms, shoulders, arms, back, quads, hamstrings, and many more workouts 

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