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Mount Wall Ceiling Anchor

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Mount Wall Ceiling Anchors: 

heavy duty ceiling anchor

The intent Sports heavy duty ceiling anchor a strong and robust anchor point for your workout tools. The strong Anchor point can be used for resistance training bands, Yoga, Olympic Rings, Hammocks, and many more exercise types of equipment. It helps you set up a gym environment at your home to perform your workouts without traveling and paying to the gym. The Mount Wall Ceiling Anchor gives a full resistance band anchor system at your home. Resistance band wall anchor helps you perform workouts in a much better way, and you get great results. These wall anchor bands make people more consistent in their workouts as they don't feel any problem of wasting time traveling to the gym

Heavy-Duty Ceiling Anchor System: 

We provide you with the most efficient and robust wall anchor system to help you set your workout place. Either it's your garage or balcony, it can be used everywhere. Its 5" mount with cross crossbars make it possible to attach ropes, bars, bands, and other equipment. Its heavy-duty Steel material and well-built welding make it an essential part of your workouts at home, without any fear of injury. Our experts designed it professionally that countless trainers and athletes are urged to buy it and use it in their daily lives. 

Space Saving:

Make your gym at home with our Intent Sports, ceiling mount. It is a space-efficient resistance system. You can do all your workout routines in a smaller place or at any home you want. You can turn any room into the gym with our best wall bands Anchor and get your mount training. Resistance bands wall anchor is highly compatible with doing workouts in routine. You can do workouts with resistance band anchors indoor and outdoor too. Your exercise band wall mount amazingly turns your fitness activities into an amusement. 

Perfect Wall Mount Anchor: 

Do you need an ideal wall anchor? Intent Sports Anchor system fulfills all your wishes with sufficient support. Now, your wall-mounted resistance band station is available at your home. The two metal strips on the anchor system provide extra strength. You can confidently perform your home fitness activities with the support of this anchor. Whatever your needs are, swings, or resistance bands, it is the best bands attachment. The only things you need to do is find a perfect place for anchoring and fix the mounting anchor with effortless installation. 

Easy Mounting Wall Anchor:

easy mounting wall anchor

Our Intent Sports resistance band wall mount is very efficient. You can easily mount it at any place you want. You can install it on either roof or wall, which suits you the most. Wall anchor comes with all the required mounting accessories. Self-tapping screws with washers for a wooden surface that don't damage the surface. Also, expanding bolts with nuts and washers for concrete surfaces. You can easily install it at any place using standard tools. The wall mount anchor for resistance bands takes a couple of minutes to fix but a long time to enjoy your workouts. It means you don't have to limit yourself to a door or post mount; you can do your workout at any time. Choose any exercise form and start building your body.

Suspension Training Mount: 

suspension training mount

Intent Sports ceiling anchor for suspension trainer is the best suspension rings equipment. Unlike other workouts, the suspension training needs a more permanent fixture to protect you from getting injured. Either you are doing Cross-fit Olympics, or Yoga swings, this exercise band anchor is a vital key to your workouts. You can accomplish all your workout's needs and goals with our suspension bracket, wall mount anchor. The safe and secure anchoring system makes your suspension training to gym ring training possible at your place. 

How To Anchor? 

The expansion Bolts for attaching to concrete and the self-taping screws for attaching to wood are given with the ceiling and wall anchor. You can connect your bands or battle ropes with the anchor to complete your challenges. You can Do It Yourself because of its easy installation and kick start your fitness activities. We provide you complete mounting hardware. 

Quality Wall Mount Anchor: 

We believe in quality, not quantity. So we offer a lifetime warranty even for this small equipment. Its super-durable, long-lasting components make it perfect for attaching resistance trainer bands. It can sustain upto 170 lbs weight if properly mounted on the anchor. It is constructed for maximum strength and keeping you motivated. Enthusiastic trainers frequently use wall mount exercise bands for their clients. It gives you an endless variety of exercises from Hammocks to Yoga training sessions with effective results. Its safe mounting anchor system proves the best resistance bands hook.

  • Commercial grade ceiling anchor from intent sports gives you an extremely sturdy and reliable anchor point for resistance training bands, Olympic rings, yoga, hammock, and an endless variety of workout equipment and activities. gives you a professional gym set up in your home for more training and better results.
  • 5" mount with cross crossbars to attach straps, ropes, chains, or anything else. quality welded extra strong steel absolutely will not let go or ever let you down. this is the standard design countless athletes, workout enthusiasts, and yoga practitioners insist on.
  • Complete mounting hardware lets you attach to most surfaces. this kit includes self-tapping screws with washers to firmly attach to wood surfaces. also expanding bolts with nuts and washers for attaching to concrete. easy to install with included instructions using common tools.
  • Workout with greater intensity and speed with this professional anchor point. turns any room into a gym without having to invest in expensive and hard to move equipment. this mount weighs less than 2 pounds and is easy to take with you when traveling. just right for CrossFit, battle ropes, boxing setup, and suspension. use both indoors and outdoors.f

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