Weight training is known to be the lifting of weights, with the aim of increasing personal developments. Men go into weight training just to build muscle and strength, while women just do it to improve their shape and tone. Weight training consists of performing list of exercises regularly with the use of dumbbells, barbells and weight machines. Every exercise that you will be doing is designed to focus on different muscle group. As you go on, the amount of stress that is being placed on the muscles then progressively increase which then forces the muscles to adapt by developing strength and size.


The most common form of strength training is said to be weight training. Strength training has to been said to be any physical exercise that involves contracting your muscles towards resistance with the sole aim of developing your muscles. To make things more understandable you will be getting to know about weight training better; through all what you will be reading now.


  • There are numerous reasons why you should do weight training;
  • It regulates insulin and lowers inflammation
  • Keeps your bones strong and healthy
  • It boosts your body’s metabolism and fat loss
  • Improves your strength and endurance
  • It helps to burn calories
  • Increases your overall health and fitness
  • Improves your balance
  • Improves your body composition
  • It increase your confidence



If you want to start weight training you can either train at home if you have the equipments or in a gym. When doing a training section session it should consist of a warmup, a workout, and a cool down, all of these should probably take at about 30 or 90 minutes.


The workout as a whole involves completing a series of exercises; there are different types of exercises you can choose from. The types of exercise you decide to do depend on your goal, level of experience, and preferences. Exercises such as

The dumbbell curl, barbell squat and barbell press are known to be very popular.

When it comes to working out for each exercise that you do, you have to have to complete a number of reps and sets. A rep is said to be one complete unit of a weight training exercise, whereby from the starting point to the point of maximum contraction and then you go back to the starting point. While sets is just a combination of all the reps you have done, doing 5 reps count as doing 1 set.


Now when it comes to the cool down it requires you to stretch the muscles that you just trained, which will then help to prevent your body from stiffness and a reduction of range of motion.


The well known types of equipment of weight training are dumbbells and barbells, which are often used along an adjustable bench. There are other technical types of equipment which include weight machines; you can see them in different forms whereby seats, pulleys, levers and cables are usually incorporated to them. Weights that are not attached to other machines are known to be free weights such as the barbells and dumbbells because you can raise and lower them freely. Weight machines are known to guide your joints through a fixed pattern of motion.


You can also used resistance bands and your own body weight to develop muscles, although they are not weights but they can also be used to your advantage. Some weight training programs often add resistance band and body weights exercises to their workout plan. When it comes to free weights and body weight exercises, resistance bands are used to add extra resistance to them.


When you go to a gym, you will be able to find everything you need there, if you want to start training at home you should at least have a set of dumbbell, a pull-up bar, an adjustable bench and a barbell so that your workout will be more effective. While for the ladies you can include clip resistance bands and ankle straps.


For most lifters that have been able to acquire quite a decent amount of experience, they can usually do at least 4 to 5 workouts a week, with each exercise they will be doing targeting different muscle groups. Now if you are just starting out you should take things slow, remember baby steps first you can’t go charging in every day, you will end up hurting yourself, you can do at least 2 to 3 days per week and then you rest, because as few as 3 full-body workouts per week can also give you some decent results. As your progress you will then be able to increase the number of days you want to work out.